Request a quote for your condition or the treatment you desire

(AMS will respond with a quote)


AMS will send you a medical history form to fill out. This will help us to find the perfect doctor and hospital for you while also providing the doctors with much needed information.

(AMS will respond with as much detail as possible about your potential procedure, including a more specific cost estimate)

Note: You can skip Step 1 by initially filling in your medical history through Fast Track


Review the details and estimate

(Respond to AMS with decision [confirmation of desire to be our guest])

(Registration Fee paid through the website)


AMS will coordinate a time frame for your procedure between you, your home doctor, and the Indian doctors.

  • Begin the medical VISA application process for the patient and up to 2 attendants or family members
    *AMS will send you the letter of invitation from the hospital in which you will be admitted
  • Begin flight planning with the help of AMS
  • Obtain Medical Tourism Insurance, if necessary, with the help of AMS


After flight is booked and procedure date is confirmed between AMS, you, and the Turkish hospitals, discussion will be done with the AMS representatives about additional accommodations.

Hotel, Shopping, Additional Services, or Tourism Planning


You will receive a “Happy Travels” package from AMS with travel tips, reading material during travel times (information about Turkey, your hospital, and AMS), and items to make your travel more enjoyable.


Come to Turkey!


Along with hospital staff, AMS will greet you at the airport with a pre-programed international cell phone, an internet stick for mobile access, and a “Welcome to Turkey” package.


Transportation will be in an air conditioned taxi to the hospital or hotel.

AMS representatives will leave all contact information with you for 24/7 assistance.


Medical Procedure and treatment completed.

  • AMS personal check-ins before and after procedure
  • Doctor’s approval for discharge from hospital
  • Feedback for AMS


Tours arranged by AMS, hotel stay, or flight back.

“Bon Voyage” package to make your flight back home enjoyable and to thank you.


Follow up by AMS representative.